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I believe firmly that there is no one right way to change your relationship or be a person in the world who doesn't drink alcohol.


After ditching the booze and finding my way back to myself over many years and so, so many mistakes, I’ve dedicated my work to helping other women do the same.

(But faster, and maybe a little less messy.)

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Discussing different paths to the same goal: living a life without alcohol

Storytelling and labels

Talking with Beth

Self care vs. Self sabotage

Dry January strategies, the power of words and labels, moderation, and much more!



Beth is a former therapist with a master's degree in social work (LMSW) and a decade of experience in the mental health field, who helps sober-curious and alcohol-free women make radical changes in the way alcohol shows up in their lives through group, individual, and self-study coaching.

She has been alcohol-free since September 29, 2017 and has helped over 60 women change their relationship with alcohol through a whole-person, sustainable approach to alcohol cessation (without the labels).

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Sober Stories was founded on the belief that storytelling is one of the most transformative mediums there is. When we see ourselves in others' stories, when we share our own stories, we are able to connect and heal on this deep, juicy level that wasn't available to use before.

On the podcast, Beth interviews folks all across the alcohol-free spectrum, sharing stories of hope, honesty, inspiration, and so much more.

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