A resource-packed self-study  program that gives you everything you need to ditch the nightly bottle of wine and build the kickass alcohol-free life you're meant for, without the booze.

booze breakup

I'm ready.

I know alcohol isn't serving you anymore.

AND I know that the old ways of "quitting" are not boxes you fit into. (I know this, because I didn't fit in them, either.) The thought of taking on a label like "alcoholic" feels like a non-starter, an ill-fitting pair of jeans that simply will not work in your life. You need a whole-person approach to changing your relationship with alcohol, one built just for you.

So I combined my decade of clinical mental health experience with my many years of alcohol-free living to build a program that helps you ditch the booze in a way that feels really, really good. 

In The Booze Breakup, you'll feel understood, supported, and prepared to build the life YOU desire, beyond drinking.

Does this sound familiar?

What started as something fun has turned into something... else. And it doesn't feel good.

Your sleep is wrecked, you're tired of daily hangovers, and you feel sluggish day in, day out.

You've tried to cut back on your own, but nothing sticks.

You know it feels like shit to drink a bottle of wine a night, but you don't know how else to cope.

Labels like "alcoholic" or "sobriety" feel like a death sentence, are holding you back from changing your relationship with alcohol.

You're on the never-ending hamster wheel of relentless "Day 1's."

You know there's gotta be more to life than drinking it away, numbing everything out.

You're spending most of your time thinking about "moderating" — how much you're drinking, when you're going to drink next, if you're drinking too much, if Sally Sue is noticing how much you're drinking.

What if this was possible?

Your sleep is better, your fuse is longer, and you have more energy for the things you love.

You no longer think about drinking all the time — you're free of the mental gymnastics of moderation.

You have a life without alcohol, and without labels, that you've designed on your terms.

Your toolbox is deep and you have tons of effective coping mechanisms to use when the shit hits the fan.

Your relationships feel fulfilling, trusting, and connected.

You're beginning to fill the space that alcohol took up with things that light you up, instead.

You're plugged into how your body feels — what she loves, what she needs, and how best to care for her.

You never experience a hangover... ever. again.

Say hello to:
The Booze Breakup

Inside the program, you'll get:

The Booze Breakup 8-Module curriculum, created to build the whole-person foundation that allows you to (sustainably) build the life without alcohol that you dream of.

10 video lessons guiding you through the neuroscience of alcohol use, building and breaking habits, navigating relationships with alcohol, and so many more of the steps necessary to build a stable foundation to living life without alcohol.

60-page workbook to help you process and then integrate every new concept or idea.

3 Bonus Modules
  • Cultivating Active Joy in Sobriety
  • Smashing Shame Workshop
  • Mocktails + Managing Cravings Workshop
Lifetime access to course materials + any updates.

isn't always the right question.

"Am I an alcoholic?" 

is a better one.

"Does alcohol shrink or expand this one beautiful life I have?"

Kind words

"Working with Beth was by far one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had.

Beth’s mentorship program consistently provided a safe container for honest accountability, self exploration, hard truths, and a clear path forward. Her approach to shame resilience truly brought the connection that I needed to find freedom and joy in my alcohol free journey. I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Beth Bowen’s coaching services. Her mentees can expect an authentic and vulnerable experience with levity and plenty of opportunities to celebrate and honor your own unique story; past, present and future!"

- Katti H. 

Kind words

"The Powerful AF Mentorship had an incredible impact on my life, and truly reinforced my commitment to living alcohol free.

Beth offered me a safe space to grow in my sobriety, teaching me not only about the merits of a life without booze, but about myself - about my own strength, grace, and self-worth. The mentorship emboldened me to shrug off the shame and stigma surrounding sobriety and substance use, and step fully into the next chapter of my life alongside new, invaluable connections to fellow AF women."

- Sarah F. 

Kind words

"Beth takes you through meaningful and worthwhile work to get to the heart of what matters to you...

and I have come away from the program with a deeper understanding of myself and an appreciation for how far I have come. I highly recommend Beth's work for women who have tried drinking, moderating and are convinced life Alcohol Free is best (Beth will help make it easier)."

- Naomi W.

i'm ready

2 monthly payments of $197

One-time payment of $375

Let's do this

10 video lessons guiding you through the steps necessary to build a stable foundation to living life without alcohol.

60-page workbook to help you process and then integrate every new concept or idea.

3 Bonus modules to expand once you've removed the booze

10 video lessons guiding you through the steps necessary to build a stable foundation to living life without alcohol.

60-page workbook to help you process and then integrate every new concept or idea.

3 Bonus modules to expand once you've removed the booze



Fully understand the ins and outs of how alcohol impacts our physical body and our neurochemistry. Discover how the brain works on booze, and how we repair that over time. Understand the neural mechanisms at work that have brought you to this moment.

Module 1: Neuroscience + Alcohol's Impact on the Body

Dive into a concept called the Body Battery and begin using it to increase your capacity, reduce your stress load, and finally ditch Day 1. Understand where you energy is going and how you can use more of it towards removing alcohol from your life. 

Module 2: Energy Management

Understand the anatomy of a craving: what causes them, what's happening when we experience one, and how to use this knowledge to navigate them effortlessly. Identify common triggers and begin building your toolbox against them so cravings no longer rule your world.

Module 3: Navigating Cravings

Gain clarity around the stories you hold about alcohol: what it means to be a person who drinks, who doesn't drink, what alcohol is, and so much more. Begin to untangle these stories to identify their validity and release their hold on your actions and thoughts.

Module 4: Untangling our Stories About Alcohol

Dive into habit change theory: understanding habit formation and how it applies to alcohol use. Begin to identify skills to change existing habits and build new ones that will support your newfound alcohol-free life. 

Module 5: Habits + How We Change Them

Once you have the foundation, then we begin figuring out how to live in the world without alcohol. In this module, we deep dive into relationships: how they change, how to navigate them, and how to foster new ones. We also explore socializing without alcohol.

Module 6: People-ing + Living Alcohol-Free

the breakdown:

As the foundation of an alcohol-free life begins to take formation, we explore what other practices and components of wellness will support and expand our life without alcohol. Begin building a whole-person practice of living AF and move beyond white-knuckling this experience.

Module 7: Building Holistic Wellness in Support of Living AF

Move beyond information and begin applying and integrating this knowledge you have learned over the course of The Booze Breakup. Begin to see real-life changes in your relationship with alcohol by putting application tools into place.

Module 8: Integration + Application

A workshop exploring how we begin expanding  in this life without alcohol: incorporating active joy and play so that this begins to feel really, really good. (Rooted in the neuroscience, of course.) 

BONUS 1: Cultivating Active Joy in Sobriety

A workshop exploring the Shame Resilience Theory and how we can use this theory to heal past shame and build resilience against future shame. We know that shame is deeply linked with the alcohol-free community: break the shame and expand.

BONUS 2: Building Shame Resilience in Sobriety

An immersive workshop with Abbie Romanul of Raising the Bar, creating craft zero-proof cocktails while exploring how we identify and navigate cravings for alcohol. (Bring your mixology tools!) 

BONUS 3: Mocktails + Managing Cravings

I'm ready to Break Up with Booze



Beth is a former therapist with a master's degree in social work (LMSW) and a decade of experience in the mental health field, who helps sober-curious and alcohol-free women make radical changes in the way alcohol shows up in their lives through group, individual, and self-study coaching.

She has been alcohol-free since September 29, 2017 and has helped over 60 women change their relationship with alcohol through a whole-person, sustainable approach to alcohol cessation (without the labels).

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Through credible content, an invaluable mentorship, and a supportive, relatable community, this course will transform your relationship with alcohol and give you the tools and support to remain alcohol free.

This was an incredible course and it has forever changed my relationship with alcohol.

- Kelly S

I never thought I would quit drinking, like never, and now I feel like I unlocked a secret room that few people want inside of.

Thank you for showing me that the longer I am sober, the more potential for goodness I will have. 

- NAOMI w.

My Mission

to change the world one healed AF woman at a time


If I take this course, does it mean I'm an alcoholic? 

Friend, you are the one and only person who can decide that. We certainly have clinical criteria delineating what qualifies as Alcohol Use Disorder, but the truth is, many people who meet those criteria do not identify as an alcoholic. In fact, the clinical field has largely updated language re: habitual, maladaptive alcohol use because of how much stigma there is associated with older language. Our work is label agnostic, meaning you are not required or expected to take on any sort of label in order to change your relationship with alcohol and find a more aligned way to live with it (or without it). Labels can be a non-starter, a barrier to entry. Looking into your relationship with alcohol with curiosity and a willingness to change is incredibly powerful — we know you are not powerLESS for doing so. 

Do I have to quit drinking forever? 

The short answer: no. 
The longer answer: what we aim to do inside The Booze Breakup is to practice abstinence from alcohol in order to understand our baseline — what our physical, emotional, and mental bodies feel like without it. As we're doing that, we're addressing all of the other components of *human-ing* that are making it really hard to NOT numb out, building a vast toolkit of coping mechanisms, uncovering AF joy, and so much more. What you do with that information, next, is up to you, but we aim for you to have informed consent around any future alcohol use; a full understanding (and mental clarity) around its place in your life. 

What kind of support is there inside of The Booze Breakup? 

The Booze Breakup is a self-paced course, available to you via independent study. Because of this format, there is no live coaching element — you're welcome to complete the modules on your own timeline. However, if you'd like additional support, you're invited to explore adding on private coaching to your Booze Breakup experience — connecting with Beth 1:1 for weekly coaching sessions and text support along the way. To learn more, schedule a free clarity call to explore whether private coaching would support your AF journey

Do I have to finish the program in a certain amount of time? 

When you join The Booze Breakup, you have lifetime access to materials (and any updates). Take as long as you want! Watch it 7 times! Do a lesson a day! The world is your proverbial oyster. Know that this information requires integration, not simply consumption, and as such, you may want to consume the materials a few times. But it's yours, as long as the interwebs (and this company) exist. 

What if I fail? 

Sister, we don't give grades in The Booze Breakup. The truth is, there is no failure — if you watch one lesson, or answer one journal prompt, or attend one meeting, or connect with one person, you have already succeeded. The thing about changing our relationship with alcohol is that it takes practice, skill building, and resilience building. We call returning to alcohol use a "slip" or a "fall forward" (or whatever the hell you want to call it) because we have not moved backwards — you are always in forward motion. 

What kind of skills will I learn in The Booze Breakup? 

So here's the thing: the alcohol is really only the beginning. It's usually the thing that is masking all the *other* things, and when we start to tackle each of them, bit by bit, we begin to build a mental, emotional, and physical resilience that finally allows us to do something sustainable with the booze part. As such, you can expect to learn tons about how alcohol impacts your entire physiology, what we mean when we say "toolbox," how to navigate relationships when you're changing your relationship with alcohol, what the fuck the "habit loop" is and why it's relevant to alcohol, how our body battery impacts our ability to stay alcohol-free, and so much more. This curriculum is rooted in both clinical, evidence-based theory, and practical, everyday tools. 

Why The Booze Breakup? Why not some other course? 

The Booze Breakup is the only program out there created by someone who is both alcohol-free AND experienced in the field of mental health and substance use. Beth holds a BA in psychology and an MA in social work, with years of experience in the field. Through her therapy training, experience in Emergency Room medicine, and her own lived experience removing alcohol from her life, Beth has created the most comprehensive, person-first quit-drinking program out there. Plus, we're fun.


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