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After ditching the booze and finding my way back to myself over many years and so, so many mistakes, I’ve dedicated my work to helping other women do the same. (But faster, and maybe a little less messy.)

I never saw myself in any of the images of addiction that we see in the media; I couldn't even see myself in the clients I worked with in the mental health field as a social worker and therapist. And yet, I found myself in a deeply toxic love triangle with cheap (iced) sauv blanc and my couch. As a young mother with very few resources, a hefty dose of postpartum depression, and a desire to find community in the Mom Club, I bought into Mommy Wine Culture hook, line, and sinker. It was my nightly ritual — decompressing from another stressful day of parenting with a glass (or five) of wine after the baby went to bed. And it snuck up on me; first it was a glass, then two, then a bottle, then a couple times a week, then every night.

Six years ago, I was a young mom struggling with postpartum depression and making it through parenthood with a bottle of wine a night. I didn't see myself in your stereotypical "alcoholic," but I knew alcohol was no longer serving me — it was harming everything about my mental health, my physical body, and most importantly, my spirit. 





Yoga teacher

founder of sober stories

And yet, I never fit into traditional recovery boxes. 

I knew that I wasn't an alcoholic, but I also knew that drinking a bottle (sometimes more, if it was around) a night wasn't *awesome* either. It wasn't until I saw myself in another woman's story that I was given the courage to change my own drinking habits — to step into a life without alcohol on my own terms. I quit drinking on September 29, 2017, and though it hasn't been a linear journey, it has given me the gift of myself, again. 

Now, I marry my clinical experience as a licensed therapist with my four years of experience living without alcohol to help other women make positive changes in their own alcohol use. I know her, I see her deeply, because I was her — using a socially acceptable coping mechanism to get through another day of this *waves wildly.* But there's a different way, a better way. One that honors her physical body, her emotional heart, and her mental health — one that feels really, really good.  

My work is rooted in clinical theory and evidence-based modalities, mixed with a bit of my own "woo woo" stuff. Around here, we love neuroscience AND trusting our intuition. 

Because it takes both to build an authentic alcohol-free life that gives us everything we want, doesn't it?

isn't always the right question.

"Am I an alcoholic?" 

is a better one.

"Does alcohol shrink or expand this one beautiful life I have?"


I believe firmly that there is no one right way to change your relationship with alcohol or be a person in the world who doesn't drink alcohol. Just as our alcohol use is often on a spectrum, we often recover from it in beautifully diverse ways. The only one right way to do this is to do it in a way that works for you.

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